About Us

Who We are

Founded in July 2018, Boitu Butters was created from a dream and passion for healthy natural hair and its care, as well as bath and body products. We offer you a range of handcrafted, homemade, and easy-to-use all-natural products to help you eliminate the use of harmful elements that may cause unpleasantries.


There are many ways to enjoy self-care, but the best way is incorporating healthy hair and skincare practices that will ensure peace of mind, and Boitu Butters is here to serve you.


Boitu Butters wants to create a culture of healthy self-care for South Africans by providing quality all-natural products, with sincerity and authenticity.

What We offer

All Natural Ingredients

From Luxurious butters to hair and Skin Loving oils and botanicals

Our Creations

We create our products the way nature intended, delightfully so “With A Hint of Love

Custom Orders

We create products that match your personal preference.

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